Morocco Accommodation

After some beautiful visits and nice encounters, nothing is more important than finding a comfortable place to rest and recharge your batteries to get ready for other adventures.
Here are the various types of accommodation we offer according to your desires.


Ryads are the traditional homes of urban centers (medinas). These buildings are entirely closed on the outside and open inside around a central patio, based on the Arab-Muslim traditional model. They often have trees and fountains. The word ìryadî originally means ìgardenî in Arabic. In the medina of Marrakech, you will find the greatest number of these fascinating traditional homes, but you will also discover magnificent ryads in almost all Moroccan cities. Spending some time in a ryad will make you travel in time and bestow a magical serenity to your trip.
These places are perfect to leave stress behind and start out your holidays in the best way.



Places of conviviality but also of comfort, some are magnificentlively, typical, festive. a concentration of Morocco.The people working there are often keen to exchange information and emotions.
In these wonderful places, you can easily meet other travelers and talk about your impressions.


Sometimes you want to gather somewhere, to benefit from those with which you travel, to take as much advantage as possible of the excursions and visits, so the ideal place and often the most central is the hotel.


To spend time close to nature and understand the traditions of the nomad populations, if you have foreseen a stay in the desert, don’t hesitate to spend a night under the Berber tents.
A night in the desert also gives you the chance to admire the stars under the clearest sky.