The Morocco Key Travel team is based in the South of Morocco (in Ouarzazate) and helps travelers organize their trips since 1999. We will escort you on your trip and help you go where you want while suggesting you to take advantage of our addresses and friends.


Being Moroccan, we are happy to make you discover our country. This is the starting point. For the rest of the trip you are very free to choose the places that inspire you most and, if you wish, to discover our best addresses. Once we greet you at the airport, the port or the station, the hardest part is over for you. Now all you have to do is ask and enjoy your stay.


If we chose this image to portray our activity, it’s because it perfectly represents those magic moments we like you to witness on each trip. Two travelers sit with the musicians who are taking a break after a challenging performance; they talk, and then offer to swap their instruments to start a musical improvisation to everyone’s delight. In Morocco, you’re instantly welcome.

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